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Wow. AT&T kicked me in the balls pretty hard at the beginning of this month. I didn't pay my bill because I didn't know it was due. Apparently AT&T prefers some kind of antique Pony Express kind of notification system using dead trees. Since that's buried under so much AT&T spam packing the mailbox in my yard, it's easy to let a couple of them slip by. But I got that sorted out.

I remember during one of my many hours on the phone with AT&T customer service telling someone of the impossibility of using AT&T's web site to do simple things like pay a freaking bill. But I was assured it was not just possible, it was easy. So I tried again. And shaking my head in disbelief, I requested that AT&T send me an online registration number by Pony Express. That arrived and I have the number! Great! So I fill in the web form. Then I fill it in again because of shockingly stupid restrictions on username composition (which made the stupid restrictions on the password look less criminally insane). Great. Account created! Super.

Except not. Except instead of logging into my account, I see this:

Then I click the "contact us" link in the error message and I click the topic related to logging in. It then suggests I log in. Which produces the same error. Grr. Getting out of that loop I start to compose my description of the situation and there is some unspecified limit to how much I'm allowed to say? WTF? At the very least that space should be as long as AT&T's freaking terms of service which they wanted me to read!
I'm totally not amused here. I don't even use this idiotic land line. I just need it for my internet connection and it follows that I want to do my business over the internet. This would be less ridiculous if AT&T was not claiming to be the post 19th century company that they wish they were. No, AT&T keeps sending me dead tree spam trying to get me to use them as an internet provider too. Hell, why not just go with carrier pigeons?
Internet provider that can't bill its customers using the Internet: Epic Fail

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xed said...

Update: I finally was able to log into AT&T's incredibly awful web site. And I was able to see my bill. And it was then I found out that my landline phone is not unlimited local calling. It felt like I was transported to Europe in the 1970s. Just incredible. I can't think of any justification for an AT&T landline for use as a phone unless you live in a Faraday cage. AT&T sucks.