And Now For Something Completely Typical: A Geek Has A Blog

Computers are great. I'm a long time believer and I think most modern people have seen the light. The whole point is that life should be better because of computers and while it sometimes seems marginal, in reality that is true. Technology changes quickly and one should always be receptive to modern helpful improvements in the quality of life. And so I'm going to start a little blog. Blogs aren't new, but I have avoided them for complicated reasons which are entirely non-technical. The advent of blogs has affected my life in much the same way as a glowing toaster might if someone dropped it in the bathtub with you. But that is not the fault of toast, toasters, or even electricity. It's time to move beyond that. The motivation for starting a blog is that I find myself writing a lot of email covering the same facts for different correspondents. Worse than my duplication of effort is the highly real possibility that many people don't care about what's on my mind at any given time. What I need is a system where interested parties have a way to modulate their exposure based on their level of interest. What I need is a news network dedicated to one subject, me, because though it's a strange idea, there are actually a few people who are somewhat interested in reports of my day to day life. There are even people who have an insatiable appetite for any news or drivel created by me. But most importantly, this should cure the problem suffered by those who couldn't care less about my activities; they simply can tune out now. To all my friends, this is for you.

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