Headache Inspired Tiling?

Headaches. They are so not fun that they're almost not even interesting.

This morning my mother sent me a link to an interesting blog about the experience of being a migraine sufferer. What was interestig to me was all the talk about geometrical shapes. The word "tessellation" was actually used. I remember when I first created an interesting tessellation, I thought it was a fluke. And then I remember being astonished that I could do it at will. This article left me with the impression that such a skill might have some basis in my defective firmware.

Of course the article was a bit like "cold reading" and the comments to the article seemed to indicate that the article spoke convincingly to everyone and in very diverse ways.

Then to underscore the topic, all day I was having vision artifacts. Bright colored chrome flashes, patterns that shift around, various sectors of my visual field not resolving well, color aberrations such as printed text having tints in some places and not in others - this was my afternoon.

This kind of thing isn't absolutely tied to getting a debilitating headache, but it's not unrelated either. Today things are still feeling pretty lucky. I felt kind of nauseated this afternoon and I could feel the blood vessels in my temples throbbing much harder than the pulse checkpoint on my wrist ever does. While I had the ominous feeling that a crushing headache was in the works, it's 21h00 and I'm still about the same, seeing things and not feeling great, but no real headache and I'm able to think. Being able to think is all I really care about.

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